🇫🇷Colours (feminine) in French🎨


Not too long ago I posted a blog on the basic colours when they are masculine. Today, I want to show you the changes between the colours when they are masculine to feminine. If you haven’t read my previous colour blog, I advise you to read it as it will help you to understand thus blog and make things clearer. In my last blog I already listed the colours and translated them. Today I won’t be translating them as I hope you are learning as I go along🎨

For a bit of a reminder- Unlike nouns, no adjectives are specifically feminine or masculine. They are (m) or (f) depending on the noun that is being described!!!!

From Masculine to Feminine 

Noir=  (noo-ar) –>  Noire . An extra ‘e’ is added, pronunciation stays the same.

Blanc =    (blon, this isn’t a very accurate pronounciation but I couldn’t find any other letters that would suit!) –> blanche.  A  ‘c, h, e’  are added, pronounced ‘blonsh’.
Rouge=  (Rooj) –> there’s no change.
Orange= –> there’s no change.
Vert=  (Ver) –> Verte, an ‘e’ is added, pronounced like ‘vert’ (the ‘er’ in Vert(e) is pronounced like ‘air’).
Gris=  (Gree) –> grise, an extra ‘e’ is added, pronounced like ‘grease’.
Rose= –> no change.
Jaune=  (jun)  –> no change.
Brun= –> brune, ‘e’ is added, sounds like ‘broon’.

Example sentences between masculine and feminine to make things clear:

La porte est noire. The door is black

Le chat est noir. The cat is black
The noun ‘chat’ is masculine, therefor the adjective must be following the masculine rules.

The noun ‘porte’ is feminine, therefor the adjective must follow the feminine rules!
La trouse est blanche. The pencil case is white

Le stylo est blanc. The pen is white
I hope these basics have helped you and aren’t too confusing, again, you can always ask me to help😀🇫🇷


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