🎨Colours (masculine) in French🇫🇷

Today Iwanted to lost out some colours in French. The reason as to why I chose masculine over feminine is because you need the basic knowledge of the colours in masculine first, as the feminie ones require changing the word! 

Unlike nouns, no adjectives are specifically feminine or masculine. They are (m) or (f) depending on the noun that is being described.


Un frigo= a fridge, un= masculine, since the fridge is masculine, when we choose the colour (or any adjective) it must be masculine.

Un frigo blanc= A white fridge, blanc= white.
I won’t go into depth of the femine version but as an example..

Une chaise= a chair, une= feminine 

Une chaise blanche= A white chair, blanche= white, ‘che’ has been added.
🎨Now for the list of basic colours🎨

Noir= black   (noo-ar)

Blanc = white   

Rouge= red   (Rooj)

Orange= orange  

Vert= green   (Ver)

Gris= grey   (Gree)

Rose= pink

Jaune= yellow  (jun)

Brun= brown  

If you have any questions, wanting me to explain something or add an extra colour, feel free to ask🎨🙈🌸


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