🤓How To Describe Your Personality In French-Basics🤔

First of all, you need to know the verb ‘être’ meaning, ‘to be’. We use this verb to say ‘I am, you are etc’.

Être To Be (pronounced) Etre

Je suis   I am     Je swee

Tu es    You are    too ay

Il/elle est   He/she is    il/el ay

Nous sommes    We are     Noo sum

Vous êtes   You are (plural)    vooz etay

Ils/elles sont    He/she are (plural)  ils/els sont

Right, after learning Être, we use, Je suis which is I am to start the sentence off.

*note that in middle of sentences, in French, ‘je‘meaning ‘I’ gets no capital like it does in English!*

Words change depending on if you’re a female or masculine. Usually if you’re a female, you will add an extra ‘e’ at the end of a word.

For example-


Je suis grand    I am tall    Je swee gron

Je suis grande     I am tall   Je swee grond 

The pronunciation of the word changes once an ‘e’ is added. The last letter is then usually pronounced. 
(I hope this isn’t confusing, if you have any questions, comment below)
Je suis intelligent-male   I am smart

Je suis intelligente-female

Je suis timid-male  I am shy

Je suis timide- female

Je ne suis pas timid-male   I am not shy

Je ne suis pas timide-female

Je suis petit-male   I am small

Je suis petite- female
Je suis sportif-male  I am sporty

Je suis sportive-female

Je suis paresseux-male  I am lazy

Je suis paresseuse-female

Those are the basics! If you want to learn another specific word or sentence, comment down below and I’ll answer😀
I hope you learned something!



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