🤔My Advice🤓

💫Following your dreams☄

Today I wanted to talk about 💫following your dreams☄

It might sound a bit cliché but in all honestly, I’m trying to be as serious as possible🌚

Lots of people might have chuldhood dreams of becoming a dancer, ice skater, sports player, artist, musician,or scientist. Whatever it is, we all have a dream and I think it’s important to try your best to follow it. 

Even if it might feel impossible and completely unrealistc, go for it. If it is something you really would love to do for the rest of your life and something you will be dedicated to, there should be no stopping you. 

Personally, my dream is to become a proffesional dancer. I’ve danced since the age of four, but by no means does that mean I’ll become a dancer. There is a hell lot of work needed, it’s super expensive and there’s a lot of demand for this job. 

Ovee 300,000 people try to get into a ballet school in America alone, and only 2% get through… But is that stopping me from trying? No way! 

Dancing is something I’m dedicated to and I’m willing to do it for as long as I can. It feels completely unrealistic  for me to ever become a dancer proffesionaly but nevertheless, I will try and I think you should to! 

At the moment I’m trying to get into a ballet academy and waiting for the response, you have nothing to lose by trying, you never know, you might reach your goal and dream, but it will all take time✨

Same thing goes for Bucket Lists.

I made a bucket list and I honestly thought half of the things I wrote down was not going to happen, and to my surprise, one of the things I thought would never happen, happened. It’s all about patience and having the will and determination to try⭐️

Good luck🌸


15 thoughts on “💫Following your dreams☄

  1. That have allways been mine dream too but I didn’t get there and now I’m too old. I newer really even believed I could be a dancer. Now I think that maybe I should try harder (even I started quite old so my chance was minimum.) Still maybe I could be a showdancer or something…You go for it, I can’t anymore but it’s ok. Life have so many options. On the other way it’s good I didn’t hope too much, now I’m not so disappointed, than if I’d tried and not made it. Anyway I still dance and perform even I’m not professonal. It’s fine too!

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  2. That have allways been my dream too. I newer beliewed my chancies and now I’m too old. Also I started dancing quite late but if I would believe in myself maybe I could be showdancer or something…On the other hand I’m not so disappointed as I would be if I tried and did not make it. Anyway I’m still dancing and performing even I’m not professonal. Good luck for you!

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  3. I think my posts is lost. I wrote there few times but I can’t see my answers. I test now is this coming to you. Please note me if you get this, cos my phone is not nessessery “telling” it to me. It was the same with other blog. I didn’t see the answer, but the blogger obviously got it, cos she answered back…


      1. Sorry I answer so slowly, ‘cos I’m watching a hockey worldcupgame Fi-Swe. It’s really exiting.

        No I haven’t heard about that movie. My job have been nice, but it’s harder these days, ‘cos woman I’m helping is so old allready. Luckily her son is living in the same apartment and is helping me.

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  4. I’m from Finland. I sometimes write in english, and have promised to do so more in the future, then you and others around the world can read it more often. It’s just so slow to write in english and I can’t say things like I want to say so I usually written in finnish thatswhy but like I said I will try to change it.

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