🤔My Advice🤓


Hey guys 🙂 Today I felt like giving advice on relationships with the help of my past experience🙄

Nomatter what gender or age you and your partner are, relationships will always have a little stumble or down turn at one point. They are practically inevitable.

Sometimes these stumbles can end the relationship and sometimes they make the relationship even stronger. Although everyone would like to avoid situations like these, it’s important to know that these are experiences and experiences you will learn from, and could potentially help your next or future relationship.

I wouldn’t try to make yourself feel like the relationship ended because of you or that you were all to blame, in certain relationships (in most), it takes two to be in a relationship and two to fight! Splitting up and having difficulty is a completely normal and common thing in the dating life.

Honestly, I’ve been through a lot of relationships and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the entire process that I’ve had so far of continuously meeting someone who I thought would be ‘the one’ but ended up being so far away from that reality.

It’s fair to say that most people have thought of or have their ‘perfect partner’ planned or imagined in their heads already. Wether that is someone who has to have blue eyes and a charming character or someone who’s sporty and has a great sense of humour.

For some fortunate people, the first person they meet and date is the person they end up spending their lives with, and for others, it’s that false hope that hits us.

Most people have a decrease in confidence to date again after certain split ups but I would advise you to sit down and think about the whole entire relationship and how it went wrong and why?

Maybe you felt like there was no connection or that you were better off as bestfriends. I wouldn’t technically put the blame on anyone (excluding violence or abuse of some sort). Not all things are meant to work out and soemtimes it bites us in the ass! But that’s life😒 It might suck sometimes, but in the end, all the crying, argueing and experiencing is worthit!

Throughout all my past relationships, I learned more about my partner and myself. I learned more about what I really want in someone and started to question if the person I was with was really the right choice.

There shouldn’t be any pressure on anyone to date, wether it’s yourself, friends or family pushing you to do so.

I have a friend who’s parents are pressuring her to find someone to date because they are worried she won’t find someone. I’ve been telling that that’s  not the case! Some people like to date and meet as many new people as they can to find out more about themselves or just love the thrill of dating, and others prefer to take their time and see where life takes them. Regardless of my friends parents, she’s going to take her time, because in the long run, it will personally benefit her more.

I would advise anyone who doesn’t feel ready, to not go ahead with it. From my experience, when I had my first boyfriend, it was genuinely because I really cared about him and all was going well. For whatever the reason was that we broke up, I didn’t let it bring me down and I learned from the experience. As I got older, and I’m sure there are many people who have felt the same at one point, have thought to themselves ‘what if I don’t find someone’, ‘when and how will I meet the one’. It’s that fear of ending up alone and that costant reminder of those ‘couple goals’ online that gives people that hunger inside to find someone.

Personally, I feel like giving up on the whole dating-process as it has never worked out for me. Although I haven’t and don’t intend to, dwell or regret any of my relationships, I feel like it will never work out between me and anybody. I know that I’m not the only one feeling that way but it’s important to never give up and to give it time. It might take months, a ciuple of years or even a decade. But there are so many ways to find someone in your own time😌 and if it goes wrong, I know it can be extremely hard to get over it. But eventually you will, and you’ll be looking for someome new again🙈

Take up a hobby, spend  more time with the people you care about and just distract yourself from it all! We will all experience a stumble or break-up at one point, but it’s important  to take it into account that there’s way more to life than dating!

What you want to happen will happen, but sometimes it takes some patience🌸

Thank you🌹


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