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🇫🇷A Great Place To Go Sightseeing🇫🇷

Hi guys! Today I wanted to blog about one of my favourite places to go sightseeing! 

I’m from Bretagne (Brittany), which is in the west of France and is well known for it’s culture, history and of course…crêpes (as crêpes originate from Bretagne). 

As much as I love all parts of France, there’s one place that stands out the most (and I know this area is in the west of France, I’m not trying to be biased!) and that is, Concarneau.

Concarneau is a massive tourist attraction in Bretagne. It has a lot of history,  there are a lot of things to do and the place is overall a beautiful and fun area to be in. 

As Concarneau has a lot of history behind it, of course there has to be a Castle involved! What I looooove about this part of Concarneau is that the castle is open to everyone and ‘inside’ the castle (the area is open) the picture below is what I mean by ‘open’ vvvvv

Attatched to the caste is this ^ as soon as you walk under is and through to the other side, you are welcomed with shops, cafés, restaurants, musicians and buskers, markets, beautiful views of boats and a lovely beach! The environment is very happy and full of energy as hundreds of tourists enjoy taking photos and cheering with their friends and families! 

To get to the beach, you have to take a very quick boat ride to the other side which is also fun🙈⛵️I’m not a fan of boats, cruises or ships myself, but I have to say, this ride was enjoyable so don’t let a little fear or disliking get in the way😀

I feel very fortunate to have been able to take these photos and have these experiences myself, I only highly recommend for ye to visit this place if you ever have the chance to visit Bretagne😀🌸

Alot of people think about Paris, as soon as the word ‘France’ is mentioned. But to be honest, as much as a lovely and amazing place Paris is, there is way much more to France than the Eiffel tower! Although, it is an extraordinary experience to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower light up at night, learning a bit about the culture is very imteresting and makes the experience that bit more fun!😌

Enjoy your Summer🌞



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