🌸The Little Things That Make Us Happy🌞 · 🙈Blog About My Day🤓

🍧Ice-Cream Day🍨

It was a plan of mine and one of my bestfriends to go to the Ice-Cream parlour in town that everyone was making such a fuss about- Gusto Italia, the one place that attracted people from all over the city to have waffles, crêpes, Gelato and milkshakes.

As the weather is super good (26degrees today) (well for Ireland anyways…we count anything 18 degrees and higher as ‘hot’😂) we decided to finally go to the parlour as we were planning on going before I leave to France🇫🇷

I am a MASSIVE ice-cream, gelato fan…I mean I could eat it everyday if I could😌 I would rather say I’m invested rather than obsessed or addicted❤️🍨😛

I personally liked all the flavours they had there, from pistachio to hazelnut chocolate and from white chocolate to mango. I was in heaven! I’m quite a procrastinator and I’m not the best at making certain decisions, and picking a gelato flavour proved to be impossible.

At the end, I decided to go for Mint and Cookies and Cream, while my friend got Cookies and Cream.

Gelato might seem like a pretty basic and common thing around the world, but a little thing like having an ice-cream date with a friend really makes me feel good and happy🌸

I’ll definitely be going back there as soon as I can😌

Why don’t you go out for a treat yourself?🍨🤔🍧😀

Thank you🌸


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