👋🏼Greetings👫👬👭 Formal vs Informal!


I decided to explain what greetings to use when you’re in France and when it’s right to use them and to who you say them too😌

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or don’t understand something!

There are many ways of greeting people in French! The most common ones are..

Salut! – Salut is an informal way of saying hi! It’s used in postcards and informal letters too! Aswell as hi, it beens bye also😀

Coucou!– This is another informal way of saying hi! It can be used in postcards and informal letters also! 

Bonjour!- Hello! 

Au revoir!- Goodbye!

Allo- Used when you’re on a phone call!

If you’re a young child/teenager/adult and you’re meeting your friends, you can say ‘Salut’ and ‘Coucou’ to them! Although , if you’re a child/teenager/adult and you’ve just met another adult for the first time, you do not say ‘salut’ or ‘coucou’ as it is too informal! Therefor, you say ‘bonjour’ which can be used all the time for anyone, formal or informal.

It’s important to remember that nomatter what age you are, you need to talk to adults with respect (like anywhere) the only difference is, the words change. Some adults can personally get offended if you use an informal word or slang with them, and from my experience, some older family members can get offended as they were brought up a different way.

You don’t need to speak formally to all the adults in your family! 

If you’re a tourist, when you speak to people in shops, strangers even, always say ‘bonjour’ and never say ‘tu’ or ‘toi’ (meaning, ‘you’). You must say ‘vous’. 

Vous & tu mean the same thing, but tu is informal and used to people you know well (excluding teachers). 

Vous is formal, and used to people you just met (excluding kids talking to kids). 
I hope you’ve learned something new and it wasn’t too confusing!
Merci bien🌸


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