🙋🏻Me, Myself and I🌸

10 facts about me❤️

I have A LOT to say, but to start off blogging in this category I will start off with the basic simple things about me😀

1: I’m a dancer, I’ve danced since I was 4 years old and I’ve done many many different types👯

2: I love learning languages, that said, I have learned how to speak Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Chinese🤓

3: I’m half French and half Chinese. My Mom is French/I have a French passport which makes me legally French (wow I said French a lot😂)

4: I live in Ireland and go to an all Irish school, where we speak Irish fluently only. And yes, there is a difference between the language Irish and English and a significant one🍀

5: I have a fear of boat rides and heights☹

6: I have a dog named Charlie and he’s Maltese😍🐶

7: Rings are my favourite piece of jewellery💍

8: I prefer buying physical CD’s and DVD’s rather than downloading them!🎥

9: I have been playing the guitar for around 6 years, classical and pop🙈

10: I hope to be a journalist📝


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