I’m sure many people constantly think of their next Summer holidays as soon as they end! Why wouldn’t you? It’s SUMMER!

Personally I’m always way too busy to keep track of what I need to do from day to day, I think having a little notebook, planner or even using your Memo on your phone is a great way to remember what you need to do!

I’m on my holidays at the moment and in no longer than a month, I’ll be heading back to France. Of course, it’s chaos, trying to think of what to bring and figuring out the difference between what I need ,and what I want to bring but writing a list is always handy!

I have a list written out in one of my notebooks for the things I need to buy before heading over, such as wipes or t-shirts, and what I always find is easier, is to write down the things you think of, the moment you think of them. Instead of saying ‘oh I need a new pair of jeans, I’ll add that to the list later’. I’m sure it’s fair to say we can all be feeling a bit lazy when it comes to getting something upstairs when you’re downstairs on the couch, but the truth is, putting that little but of extra effort to get up and write it down in your notebook, will save that struggle of arriving at your Summer destination and realising you forgot those pair of jeans!
I hope you all have a fun Summer, nomatter what you’re doing or where you are! Always remember writing things down is a great way to keep yourself organised!


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