Plane Rides ✈️ .2



What to bring on a plane?!

If I travel by plane, I always make sure to bring everything I NEED and not the things I WANT to bring. As hard as it is to limit yourself to the amount of things you want to bring, bringing everything you own is also not the way to go. Here is a list of the things I bring on the plane and why☺️

  1. Chewing gum! (Explained in part 1)
  2. Earphones for music
  3. A drink, if you don’t want to buy one on the plane
  4. Book or magazine so I have something to read
  5. A small notebook to write a list of things I’d like to see or do when I arrive
  6. My iPad so I can skype my family and friends, watch videos or message
  7. FOOD because..well I love food (who doesn’t?!)
  8. Handbag (I usually put my handbag in my carry on and when I get in the plane, I put my carry on up and I take my handbag out, as that is where I keep all of the above)
  9. Some people might have a lucky coin or a stuffed teddy to remind them of home, I have a little pink giraffe keyring and thats one thing I can’t travel without!😌
  10. I bring a makeup bag with wipes so when I come off the plane my face feels fresh

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