Exercise 🚶🏃 .2

In the first part of my exercise blog, I told you about my routine when I exercise outside in the park, today, I’ll talk about the workout routine my class and I do when we are in the gym!

The fitness instructor my class and I have is quite strict and puts a hell lot of pressure on us, it’s not exactly needed and we feel exhausted afterwards, but this workout is certainly with it!

We start off with weights that weigh 20kg (you can choose whatever weight but if it’s your first time working out, I advise a lighter weight)

We start off by lifting the weight from our knees, then back to our waist, then down to our knees to over our head and then back down to our waist, do this slowly. We do this repeatedly for 10 to 15 mimutes. It gets really tiring but try your best not to stop and take a break, it might seem impossible to have no breaks throughout the entire workout, but my instructor must have decided this for a reason!

Then, we lie down on the bench and loft the weights above us and to our chest repeatedly and slowly for 5 minutes.

After that, we set the weights aside and do pushups for 3 minutes at an average pace. In my opinion pushups are the hardest moves to do and it was a struggle to do them for three minutes and have no break. What kept me carrying on and not giving up, was my instructor adding an extra minute every time somebody stopped for a break. I encourage you to try and find something that will motivate you to keep carrying on. Nomatter how hard it gets.

After the pushups, we go back go the weight lifting. We start from our knees, up to our waist, then back down to our knees, over our head and then back to our waist. We do this for another 10-15 minutes (we aren’t using dumbbells, we use weights on a metal bar, which is more challenging)

Then, we go into the plank position and stay in that position for a minute, and then we do pushups for another, and then the plank for another.

We do jumping jacks, running on the spot, jogging on the spot for 5 minutes.

Then, we lie down on our back, with our knees in the air bending, and we take weights (dumbbels) and lift it above us and we do this repeatedly for 3-5 minutes. The aim is to not let your legs touch the ground and to carry on lifting the weights.

There is no doubt that your body won’t be in pain the next morning, after my very first time doing this, it took me a full week for the pain to leave! Although this is difficult, it is a great workout to strengthen muscles! I recommend giving it a shot!


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