Plane Rides ✈️ . 1


There’s nothing I love more than travelling, nomatter how I travel or how long it takes, it always brings out the best in me.

Whenever I travel, I always get some butterflies in my stomach with the thought of being so high in the sky. What would worry me the most, is the fear of the plane crashing in the ocean, which of course is highly unlikely. I thought to myself, ‘why be scared of something that could make me happy and give me joy?’. Now, whenever I step foot on a plane, I make sure I get a seat next to the window. Yes, the view of the height can be very daunting but in my opinion there’s nothing more rewarding on a flight, than to see the beautiful sky, clouds, and even the city as the plane takes off and lands. I remember taking this photo and feeling nothing but excitement, knowing I’ll be landing in a different country in a matter of hours.

I love travelling on planes, but the one problem I have which I can never seem to avoid, is the feeling of my ears getting ‘blocked’ or ‘popping’. For me personally, it ranges from extreme pain to very accute pain. There are several ways to try and avoid it or try to lessen the pain. I would suggest ear plugs for flights, or chewing gum! By chewing gum, it ‘pops’ your ears, lessening the pain and you’ll also be able to hear properly!


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