Exercise 🚶🏃. 1


If the weather is good I am always up for exercising in my local park! The longest I’d spend in the park would be 90mins, and the shortest, 30mins.

First of all, I always have a quick warm up, to wake up my body a bit and to stretch my muscles. I suggest warming up for 5-10 minutes. I start off by doing the simple ‘Jumping Jacks’. I do 30 of these then take a 15 second break, another 30 and then a 15 second break and then another 30.

(It’s not necessary to stretch but I feel like it’s a better option to).  As a dancer, I exercise and stretch regularly so I don’t stretch too long when I go to the park. I simply stretch both my legs, one at a time for one minute by stretching one of my legs out and leaning on it . Then I stretch both my arms by crossing them over. A handy warm up I learned from dance was to stand straight and slowly start by bending your neck, then your back, all the way until your hands touch the ground, and then slowly ‘roll’ back up. This is warming up your neck as well as your back.

When I finish the warm up, I start off my routine by walking a lap to warm my legs up. When it’s time for the second lap, I start to jog. I always time each lap I do, so I can set a goal. I also change pace from time to time, from walking to jogging or from speed walking to running. It’s good to change pace from time to time because if your body gets used to the pace and you won’t burn any calories!

Jogging, walking and running can be difficult for most people, it’s certainly not easy to run a marathon, it takes time and practice. I advise you to listen to music! The reasons as to why I listen to music while walking/jogging/running are

1: It takes my mind off current events

2: It distracts me from the stitches/pain in muscles

3: Distracts me from my surroudnings so I can concentrate on what I’m doing.

In my opinion, music helping with number 2 is the most helpful as one of the biggest reasons as to why running and jogging can  be difficult is because most people struggle to carry on while being in pain (stitches especially).

My routine at the park would be to walk one lap, jog for three, walk for one, run for one and then repeat. (Keep in mind, it takes me on average 8 minutes to walk around the park)




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